Fish & Advice

The main run of Salmon occurs from June to September with fish up to 20 lbs being caught. As with Sea-Trout the best runs and fishing is when the river is in flood and during Spring tides.

Sea-Trout numbers have been steadily increasing over recent years. The main run of Sea-Trout is from early June to the last week of July. Sea-Trout caught on the Estate average 2-5 lbs.

Fishing Methods

For Salmon:

Spinning, worm, and fly are the favourite methods. During periods of high water the fly is the most effective.

For Sea-Trout:

Worm on light tackle and spinners are recommended for day time fishing. The best of the Sea-Trout fishing is from dusk to early dawn on the fly.

Suitable Flies

The following list of flies have proven to be successful in landing your quarry in our private stretch of the river Argideen:

Salmon Flies:

  • Medicine
  • Red Shrimp
  • Hairy Mary

Sea-Trout Flies:

  • Alexander
  • Silver Butcher
  • Teal Blue & Silver
  • Bloody Butcher

Gillie available by prior arrangement.

Tuition available for all standards in fly fishing and other methods, by prior arrangment.